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Tondra and Tom from Holy Spirit Parish stop in
to record October 5th Life Chain Announcement

Tim helps daughters Gianna and Faith record station IDs for AM-1460 & AM-1600

Traig dropped by to record announcement for the 
Diocesan Marriage Renewal retreat weekend coming Aug 22-24, 2008

AT&T tech works on the QOP special phone line 
Billy, Wes, Shannon, Gabe, Emily, Nicol, Linda & Tim drop by
to record announcements for St. Paul's and also WYD St. Augustine Celebration.

Colby and Cameron visited the station with their Mom...
they took a picture of their Mom at the mic, and recorded station ID's

Annette came by to record announcement for 
the Pure Fashion Show on April 5, 2008

Luis and Nancy stop by to record announcement for St. Catherine's Parish

Cindi visits to record psa

EWTN award for WQOP's 10th year on-air

Stuart Little poses for Canines-For-Christ

Ron stopped by WQOP to record station ID
Fr. Apostoli and Community of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal visited WQOP during Lent 2008

Emily & Nicol - record cool promo for St. Paul's Youth Group at WQOP

Joanne dropped by to volunteer and help stuff-address-stamp thank you letters for WQOP

Ed and Gordon put fresh paint on back office walls  

Warren and Dominik in production department


Warren records and produces his friends announcements and ID's

Nikki and Sean record promo for Emmaus Group

Liz, Ligiea, and children, visit and help create another radio announcement,
Recording the Women of Grace announcement for the one day conference at Cody Center August 11.


Knights of Columbus # 5535, Gordon Scott and Ed Maxted repair WQOP.
Nope - do not attempt to adjust your monitor color control
This is exactly what it looks looked like in the back office.


Summer volunteer Warren records and edits announcements and station ID's for WQOP

Warren produces in studio talent "Spence the Mence" aka Spencer


Some special members of the Community of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal visited WQOP on Ash Wednesday.
Thanks to everyone who called, emailed, sent letters (& sent delicious cake, too) WQOP is proud of its listeners and everyone's support!
Yummy 10th anniversary cake!   Thanks Krista, George & Tony for your support!
Above, Photo of WQOP 1600-AM's first moment of on-air broadcast,
6PM Friday Feb. 28th 1997 [L to R: Merry Rachel, Paul Danese, Wally, Jim Jarboe]

Stephanie and Tim

Visitors, Volunteers and Staff

Pure Fashion models and guests record station identifications for WQOP-AM 1600

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Everyone had fun with Raymond at the November 2005 book signing in Jacksonville.  The Raines family with Raymond Arroyo.  (Backrow L to R: Emory, Stefanie, Gianna, Mallorie, Tim;  front row: Faith, and Raymond)

Matt Blumenfeld recorded numerous PSAs and station IDs, conducted interviews, edited on-air programs and performed other work during the summer as Assistant to the Station Manager. 

Ed Maxted provided invaluable help in the summer of 2005 in the studio by editing various sound bites, backing up critical audio and sifting through mountains of paperwork.

Jerry Webster visited us in July to record a few announcements regarding the Diocesan Marriage Renewal. Thanks for taking the time Jerry!

Patrick takes a day off from school

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